Thursday, March 31, 2011

How to go to Disney for a lot less!

As grandparents, my husband and I are planning a fall trip to Disney World with our grandchildren. Several years ago Poppy promised the Princess (our almost 5 year old granddaughter) he would take her. She has never let him forget it. I know our family will LOVE Disney World but we need tips on how to spend less and enjoy more!

Today I purchased lanyards from to wear to keep our tickets handy while in the parks. I also purchased a fanny pack for myself to keep my ID and other items in. I got that tip from Kathy Lee on the Today Show. We have our Resort booked! I still need tickets, Park hop? One day pass? Never expire? Water parks? What would be the best deal? What restaurant is the best value for a character dining? Should I try to get tickets for the Wonderland Tea Party? Please help!

I am looking for personal tips on how to go to Disney for a lot less and have a much better time once we are there! Anyone wishing to contribute …please do!

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